5Big Advantage

                      PRODUCT ADVANTAGE


                      The weight is one third of the steel, which is easy to install and saves labor cost

                      Reduce the overall load of the structure, suitable for high-rise buildings

                      NO RUST

                      Aluminum alloy piping does not rust

                      Corrosion will increase the friction coefficient, reduce the inner diameter and increase the......

                      ENERGY SAVING

                      No welding on site, so as to ensure the construction environment, effectively shorten the construction period


                      ABOUT US

                      Caseberg equipment manufacturing co., ltd. is located in the coastal city of dalian. The company newly established kesberg fluid technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. in 2021.The company was founded on March 17, 2015 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. CosBog ? since its inception, through the deep understanding and studying of aluminium alloy pipe, independent research and development success of aluminium alloy energy-saving pipeline system, has won national invention patents, utility model patents. CosBog ? series product with the customer to pursue high quality and the service goal is consistent, CosBog ? as aluminum alloy pipe system solutions provider......

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                      Dalian caseberg equipment manufacturing co. LTD

                      Marketing center: 2301, block B, fuhong international, no. 137-139, changxing street, Shahekou District, dalian

                      Service hotline: +86-0411-84543107

                      Telephone: +86-18018919688

                      Email address: info@dlcosbog.com

                      Website: www.infracuatro.com

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